Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Astro look of the month: Libra

Ok so in fact we have passed the libra month from 2 days but here you go with this new astro look!I have as well a great connection with this sign, indeed most of my best friends are Libra and for that I have to say they have quite a lot of character traits in common. Besides I know for sure without hesitating their favorite color... And surpassingly it's Green!! ;-)

This sign is ruled by Venus, which is the planet of love, romance, relationships, and also appearance and fashions. It’s the planet of luxury and refinement, too. Like Libra it’s sensual, soft and feminine… They are also belonging to the air signs and their stone is emerald and diamond...Here I selected for you a very rock outfit with this amazing Khaki jacket from Burberry and the funky Gucci bag!  

Soon this is my birthday and therefore my astro month: Scorpio!!!

Libra Look of the month

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Vinyl provocation

Continuing surfing on the Isabel Marant wave for this fall I had to have this provocative "at first sight" mini skirt in black patent! Thank god for my bank account I managed to find the cheaper version which is really well done... We can thank Mango for that great discovery and also for this amazing coat with a masculine cut which soften that provocative vibe.
I am now getting ready to change the entire design of the blog I hope to show it soon and that you will like it!
Stay Tuned! 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Got my hands on this Isabel Marant skirt which at first I have to admit scared me with this sex appeal...! But after trying it I was 100% convinced, the fit is perfect and it is quite different from all the leather skirts we have seen.
This season I am obsessed by the Isabel Marant runway looks with these mini leather/patent skirts paired with shirts or zip turtleneck sweaters ( I will make another article about it for some more inspirations and shopping guide). Some time to time I have these obsessions on one particular style.
Here I really wanted an outfit with strong rock vibes hence the check shirt with the details in the back and the Boy bag!
You may also have noticed that I have cut my hair, I really wanted to change and even if I have always loved long hair I think it feels so good to trim them specially after the summer and the damage of the sun. I went to this "über"cool salon in Geneva Le Bal des Créateurs where Loic operated his magic! Now I feel my hair are so easy to style straight or wavy it always looks good ;-)
Have a nice Day!!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Astro look of the month: Virgo

Let me introduce you a new kind of shopping guide based around the astrological signs! 
Admit it we are all quite interested when it comes to astro psychology... My friends and I are always debating around the compatibilities and characteristics from our (or the loved one) astro sign.
So I thought it would be fun to have every month a shopping selection around the personality of each sign. This month was Virgo and actually we are the last day of this sign. I have a special attachment to this sign indeed me as a Scorpio have a good connection with Virgo. 
What can we say about it?! Virgo is an Earth sign, which prefers conservative and organized things, they have a desire for perfection and an enormous attention to detail.  Their colors are blue and natural colors (beige,white, brown), their birthstone is Saphhire. Virgo is the only zodiacal sign represented by a female. Therefore they are pure,  very sensual and they want to accomplish something.  
The way I see the Virgo outfit is this mix of dark blue and neutral tone, the warm knit wearing bare legs skirt with some cool boots and of course a fun touch with this colorful backpack!
Back to school/too cool for school!!

Virgo Look of the month

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Flower mania

Even if I try (as mush as I can) to avoid the typical cliché of the swiss girl I am quite melting in this Swiss landscape...! 
Mostly channeling Gucci SS16 with these embroideries. Thanks to Zara which have brought us all these looks at a much affordable price.
So those pictures were taken at the country now I am back in Geneva and trying to prepare some new looks for Fall and working on revamping my website!
Having that said we are at this time of the year when all the fashion sphere is obsessed with new season coming and me specially with my new wardrobe for Fall. Indeed even if we are looking already at Spring Summer 2017 on the runways I am more interested in finding the perfects outfits for the cold season just around the corner. I am sorry but I can't get ready for some big knits, coats and leather skirts in the middle of July... I have therefore done my winter shopping this weekday I will show you some first look soon!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

L'Enfant Terrible

This is what you get when you put your alternative friend behind the camera! 
Let me explain, while we were chatting with one of my best friend Nadia which is a journalist and author of the very cynical and funny blog Chronique Sulfurique, we decided to add both of our personalities to make a different post, in terms of fashion, style, and writing.
So I decided to choose something that is not typically me, the 1st choice was this stripped top which reminds me of the "marinière". I have always thought Marinière was for people that live in Britain or that have a very basic style.. But this one with the flare sleeves paired with a distressed denim skirt means something different for me. 
The color of my lipstick was also eccentric for me, as you have maybe noticed I never wear lipstick, only pink light gloss. 
Fashion is all about balance and for me never being in the extreme and total looks.
Deeply inside we all remain children, playing with fashion, with contrast and different styles...
And at this time of my life I feel like I am trying to find the right balance between the child and the woman, the beauty and the terrible, the chic and the casual... The balance that would say that's me today!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

We took over La Reserve

Ok so it's the end of the summer... I love summer so much I never want it to end!
Thanks to the weather it still feels like it and I am therefore still wearing short and exposed little dress. Here is the story of this one...
Last weekend my darling Victoria Monfort, a good friend from Paris and also a great fashion blogger was in Geneva for a few days and spent some time in this amazing hotel La Reserve.
So while we were having some drinks we took as well a few pictures of our outfits. 
My dress is from Zara, I loved the pompom details and this shape in the back. I had to wear a Cosabella lace bandeau underneath unfortunately because otherwise it was a bit too exposed...!! 
Excuse the quality it has been taken with our iphones! But my next post will be quite different so stay tuned!