It’s a fact we are all at one point looking for the best boyfriend jeans or some mom jeans… This hunt is somehow not so easily achieved. Indeed to find the perfect cut which will fit you and give you this casual look without looking like you’ve been working in a field is really complicated! After … Continue Reading

Gucci Envy

This Gucci T-shirt… I know you have seen it everywhere, on every bloggers but it has this “je ne sais quoi” of vintage remind us of the old school looks of Gucci and giving a feel of nonchalance to any outfit! Lately the new trend of oversized rock t-shirts blends well with this Gucci tee, reminisce us … Continue Reading

British vibe

This look, shot in London, marks the beginning of a new me, new blog design, new perspectives… I really wanted to re do my blog since a while in a more sleek and professional way. I hope you will like it and in the mean time enjoy this new outfit easy to wear from day to … Continue Reading


I don’t know about you but every now and then I have an new fashion obsession and this winter it’s leather trousers. I am starting to collect them both simili and real leather! This one is from Zara and is not in real leather but I absolutely loved the color which finally brings a little … Continue Reading

Gifts for Her

So this could be my gift wish list for this Christmas and I hope it could as well inspire you in your gifts’ hunt! JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content.

Hispania Flowers

Lately I have been watching some video warning us about the clothes industry being the 2nd most polluant industry… And I must admit that it’s something that have been disturbing me since then. Us fashionista we always tend to live for shopping both online and in store. We are hunting the High street brands every week seeking … Continue Reading

Astro look of the month: Scorpio

Very excited for this month astro fashion with the best sign of the Zodiac but also the most complicated one… Scorpio! My sign…  Fixed Water sign, Scorpio is like a still lake, deep and mysterious. Ruled by powerful Pluto, the planet of transformation, rebirth, Scorpios are therefore drawn to intense, rich colors but usually love … Continue Reading


I have to admit I have an obsession about coats…Ok I have an obsession about shoes, and bags, and jewelry too… But when it comes to jackets and coats it’s a special love story every season. This fall I was telling myself that I had way too much coats but when I stumbled into this … Continue Reading

Winter skirts

This winter will be all about skirts and specially mini skirts. Lately it is all I wanted to wear even with the cold temperatures we are now experiencing…! So let me show you a selection of the best pieces of the season for any budget. I guess in my latest pictures you have seen some … Continue Reading

Astro look of the month: Libra

I have as well a great connection with this sign, indeed most of my best friends are Libra and for that I have to say they have quite a lot of character traits in common. Besides I know for sure without hesitating their favorite color… And surpassingly it’s Green!! ;-)This sign is ruled by Venus, which … Continue Reading