Ok so you must have seen that I try to workout regularly, alternate between different kind of sports but with an active life it’s not always so easy to find the time… So when La Réserve presented me the concept of the 20 Day Challenge I thought it was a perfect opportunity to dedicate a month to a real sport challenge focus on one goal. Also I hear around me so many people wanting to recover healthy habits and to a sport activity, and for me this challenge is the best way to get back on track.

Basically you have 3 times a week private session with a coach plus access to all the collective classes including  all activities you can dream of like dance (African, oriental…), power sculpt, aquagym, yoga, pilates, tennis… The private trainings changed every week so you never get bored. I had Thai boxing with a French champion Mohamed, pilates on the reformer with Anja, and then athletic training with all different coaches.

Also what I really appreciate during this challenge is that you start with an osteopath consultation in order to adapt all the activities to your needs and issues if you have. Then you have a first nutrition assesment to prepare the program for the month.

To be sure to comply with personalized nutritional recommendations, the restaurant from the Spa, Café Lauren can prepare breakfast, lunch and / or dinner. Super convenient for slipping a workout early in the morning before going to work or during lunch break. And for me as an independent, I could even work from there before or after a session.

At the end it’s really the combination of the nutrition plan plus the regular sports activity that trigger the lost of weight and the envy to continue in that direction. After the 20 days here are my results:

  • I lost 2 kg of fat and gained 2kg of muscles so my weight was approximately the same (see table below)
  • In terms of volume I lost 4cm abdomen, 4cm hips, 2cm thigh and 0,3cm arms

Ah and I almost forgot to talk about the price, it’s 1’800 chf for the entire challenge. Having seen a lot of other programs in normal fitness environment I find this offer from a 5* Hotel quite interesting, knowing that you are treated like a queen! All the little details from the changing rooms, the access to the pool, sauna, hammam and in the warmer days the boat motoscafo from La Réserve that can pick you up and bring you back in town.



Wearing Falke Sporting apparel

All details here: La Réserve 

301, route de Lausanne
1293 Bellevue
Geneva, Switzerland.
Telephone: +41 22 959 59 59
Fax: +41 22 959 59 60


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