It was about time! I have been wanting to make a proper list of the places to eat, the places to stay, the places to chill, THE PLACE TO BE, specially in Geneva where it’s not so easy to find new trends in the food and nightlife area. So now I am starting first with the places to eat (and drink obviously) and more will follow in this category!

Don’t get me wrong I am sticking to fashion blogging but as I am quite particular when it comes to eating healthy (gluten free/lactose free kinda person) I like to discover new places both with my girlfriends around a lunch than with my friends or special one for more sophisticated meals…

This particular post is about finding good coffee places in Geneva that propose more than normal cow milk and that are not Starbucks! I don’t know about you but starbucks used to be the only alternative when you wanted to have a more sophisticated coffee with vegetable milk for example. When you are in London, Paris and any cities in the US you can find at every street corner nice coffeeshops with so many options of coffee to go. It’s something I always loved about LA, NY, Miami since I was a teenagers they really have this culture of these tall coffees to go, I know that it’s nothing to compare to the italian expresso but I like my coffee long with almond milk and a bit sweet. I like it Iced in the summer and not too hot in the winter…

So here are my recommendation if you are looking for the same here in Geneva:

  • EnFaim ou Soif  in the center of the quartier Eaux-Vives: This is one of my favorite place in Geneva for a quick healthy bite, a fresh pressed juice and of course my Almond milk Latte!



  • Chou rue des Eaux Vives as well: New comer specialised in chou patisserie and very good coffee! They have the soya milk latte but not almond yet…



  • Coutume Café in Plainpalais next to the University: the coffee is really good and they also have several milk options (soya, almond and of course normal milk)



  • Boréal Coffee shop is a Swiss coffee chain and has several shops in Geneva and even Zurich: their are the one more in the Starbucks line but feels more artisanal, they only offer soya milk in lactose free options… But they have very good banana bread!



  • Ladurée Genève of course everyone knows the famous Ladurée for their Macarons but they also have good coffees however only with soya and normal milk.

laduree-quai-des-bergues-geneve IMG_4825


  • Capocaccia just opened it’s new arcade in the center and is one of my ultimate place in Geneva since I was a teenager… After spending half of my life with my friends having drinks, lunch or just coffee they have finally introduced the almond milk and soya milk latte! And they even have a Cappuccino with a touch of Nutella!



  • Green Gorilla Café this a the brand new place for superfood and coffee in the Confederation street! They propose Acai bowl, Granola and of course locally roasted coffee… To tell you the truth I haven’t yet tried but I will soon and I know they propose the complete milk options!



And I discovered a new one this weekend but I haven’t been able either to try. It’s called Luma Coffee and it’s on rue des Eaux Vives, no website yet but Instagram and Facebook pages.

Maybe we will get cashew nuts milk here as well one day…!

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