Very excited for this month astro fashion with the best sign of the Zodiac but also the most complicated one… Scorpio! My sign… 

Fixed Water sign, Scorpio is like a still lake, deep and mysterious.
Ruled by powerful Pluto, the planet of transformation, rebirth, Scorpios are therefore drawn to intense, rich colors but usually love a closet full of dark colored clothes. This sign loves to attract attention with their clothing, but always leaves a little something to the imagination. A scorpio likes simple clothes with an edge and a hint of sex appeal.
I have to admit this description match quite well my relation with fashion and life in general… This sign is made of a big paradoxe, it’s very strong, powerful but has also a tendency of self-destruction and those colors represent that well, dark red, black and purple. 
This is funny how this sign has a special reputation, in my case usually when I say I am Scorpio I always get the same comment: AHHH it explains everything!

Scorpio fashion

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