This was my second look wearing Fanny Poletti amazing creations! This other statement jacket made of tweed of black lace with metallic thread can be worn from day to night and gives again this incredibly elegant touch. I am also wearing this funky earring from Alexia Demblum, Le Pic! Jacket Bowy Fanny Poletti Earring Le Pic … Continue Reading

Bains de Turquoise

Here is my second shoot with Marc, and my favorite one I think! I wish this dress exist in black as well as I feel it could really become the perfect little black dress but I will have to satisfy myself with a white one… Favorite combo these warm days, dress and white sneakers… I … Continue Reading

The sky is the limit

On a perfect day of May it felt like summer already at this typical Geneva place, Le Bain des Pâquis! It’s always a struggle to find new places to shoot pictures and I don’t know why but I had never thought about this place. On this day the water was so clear and the sky … Continue Reading

Yellow touch

As many of you may know, in Geneva we have quite a limited choice of shopping possibilities (apart for the high street and the über luxurious brands), which is why we get really excited when a new concept store comes to town! Welcome to the Idun Loor Circle. This new online lifestyle boutique reflects the modern … Continue Reading

Feeling Blue

So lately I had the chance to meet Fanny Poletti a designer originally from Geneva which has made a career at Yves Saint Laurent as senior designer alongside Stefano Pilati and at Nina Ricci in Paris for several years before coming back to Geneva to create her own brand.  You can describe her vestaire as masculine-feminine inspired … Continue Reading

Sunset Glow

The struggle was real… I spent almost a week in the Gers, South West France where my family originally comes from and I have to admit it was tough! Starting my day running and working out with a perfect cloudless sky in between the vineyards and the park of the castle. Having amazing food from the … Continue Reading

Bohemian Erin

Second look shot by Nicolas Stajic and this time it is all about the bohemian vibe that starting with the return of a warmer weather..! Bash Paris definitely succeed in making these incredible dresses we want to be wearing all summer nights… And this one has a specially romantic touch, of course I had to break … Continue Reading

Pearls & Flowers

  I am back with another look shot by a new photographer for me, but not any photographer!  Nicolas Stajiic, from Geneva as me, has his own touch and we had a lot of fun shooting  in this beautiful Geneva location The Parc des Eaux-Vives. Since winter has left us earlier this year even in our beloved mountain country, … Continue Reading


It’s a fact we are all at one point looking for the best boyfriend jeans or some mom jeans… This hunt is somehow not so easily achieved. Indeed to find the perfect cut which will fit you and give you this casual look without looking like you’ve been working in a field is really complicated! After … Continue Reading

Gucci Envy

This Gucci T-shirt… I know you have seen it everywhere, on every bloggers but it has this “je ne sais quoi” of vintage remind us of the old school looks of Gucci and giving a feel of nonchalance to any outfit! Lately the new trend of oversized rock t-shirts blends well with this Gucci tee, reminisce us … Continue Reading