Yes we are already in September and everyone seems to be in a “back to school” mode, with Fall on their mind. On my side with these latest warm days and the fact that I am back at blogging 100% I still feel in Summer… Maybe this is denial actually… As a hot weather lover I am not sorry to still dress with summertime clothes even if after a while I feel I am still wearing the same things! Do you also get this feeling after more than 4 months dressing with little dresses, skirts and shorts? I know we are supposed to be excited to buy jackets and sweaters but I am still torn between prolonging summer and getting to the new season collections… Anyway for now I am keeping summer clothes as we are going in Corsica for a wedding this weekend and I am even going to buy a new bathing suit as I am quite tired of the ones I’ve been wearing the last 6 months…

Coming back on fashion and specially this look, I have been quite influenced lately by nordic fashion (Danish and Norwegian to be precise) as I find them so much more colorful and creative. Completely obsessed by bright silk skirt mixed with funky tops, they matches that with a pair of Havainas which I was never fond of that’s why I chose here flowers slip on! The shell necklaces and anklets are soon going to be old history but I am enjoying them a little longer!


Shirt H&M
Shoes bought in a store Aix en Provence
Sunglasses & Bracelets CHRISTIAN DIOR

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