It’s been a while I haven’t talked to you here 😉

Indeed this first half of 2020 has been quite strange and we had to readapt to another life. But now things a getting a bit better and I want to be hopeful and think about the summer and new projects.

You may remember that I collaborated last year with Aesthetics Clinic for the cryolipolyse and I really appreciate this place where you can find a solution for almost every issues on your body or face. Whether you are young or older, you can restore some confidence in yourself thanks to all the offer. From acne, to weight loss, to rejuvenation of the face or even plastic surgery you have a wide range of services.

So when I heard about this new packages, that can be interesting for the 28 or the 60 years old women, I was super happy to share it with you. Firstly we have to admit that these treatments have a certain cost and therefore here the packages are much more attractives that the normal price for each treatment. Besides there is a possibility to make a financial payment plan so you don’t have to pay everything at one time. And that makes a huge difference!

So if you have always dreamt of removing some spots or imperfection on your face or loose a few kilos in a very professional way you can now access to it without the financial concern.

For me the packages that is most attractives would be the Vitality and  the Glamour which reduce fine lines and wrinkles, plumped the skin and gives a luminous glow!

You will find all the informations under this link:

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