This Gucci T-shirt… I know you have seen it everywhere, on every bloggers but it has this “je ne sais quoi” of vintage remind us of the old school looks of Gucci and giving a feel of nonchalance to any outfit!

Lately the new trend of oversized rock t-shirts blends well with this Gucci tee, reminisce us the 90’s vibes with Skater shoes and hight waisted light jeans… And again who would have thought that I will be wearing again my favorites looks of my 14th birthday!

Here this is all about Gucci and some vinyl additions! I love this pants so much it gives all my looks a special groove.

On a more personal level I am interviewing for jobs in London and maybe will move there for a while. I always wanted to go back working in Fashion and this could be a great opportunity. I will keep you posted soon…









Shirt, boots & pants Zara
T-shirt & bag Gucci
 Watch Explorer II Rolex
Bracelet Love Cartier


Photos by Morgane Lay

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