It’s a fact we are all at one point looking for the best boyfriend jeans or some mom jeans… This hunt is somehow not so easily achieved. Indeed to find the perfect cut which will fit you and give you this casual look without looking like you’ve been working in a field is really complicated!

After looking in most of all the famous denim brands I ended up at Topshop ( it’s becoming an habit…) and found this one the Hayden! I bought it as well in a darker color. I could have maybe taken a smaller size as they tend to loose up a bit.

Anyway I like this very light distressed denim look, I find that during the winter it can really brighten the outfit. However the real boyfriend or just boy – friends don’t particularly fancy these shapes of jeans, have you noticed?! I think they don’t like that it’s not so feminine and show our curves… Too bad we don’t really dress for them all the time! #manrepeller 😉

IMG_6307b IMG_6311bIMG_6323b IMG_6331b IMG_6367b IMG_6387b

Cardigan & jeans Topshop
Shirt H&M
Boots Zara (old collection)
Bag Gucci
 Fishnets tights Calzedonia
Photos by Morgane Lay

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