It was indeed the last moment of nice weather when we shot this look last week. Then I left for the weekend and came back in Geneva or North Pole from what I felt! But here I could still enjoy my favorite combo, sweaters and lighter bottoms with bare legs and ankle boots!

So last weekend it was the last wedding we had of the year! I hope next year my friends are not tying so many knots… This weekend I am relaxing in Geneva because the next 3 weekends ahead I will be away. Indeed my birthday is coming in a week and even if I used to be so happy to celebrate it with a big party, I don’t feel quite the same way now. So Pierre is bringing me on a surprise weekend getaway and I can’t wait to discover where, yes I do love surprises 🙂

Then I am off to Portugal with my dad and Porsche on a car racing track! Lastly we are going to London with Pierre as we haven’t been for a very long time. So a lot of exciting trips coming!


I am wearing:
Boots PAUL GREEN available at GLOBUS
  Sunglasses EDWARDSON


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