I do have secrets for my beauty routine, and my magical weapon is this white little device…

Ok you have spotted it a few times in my stories so now I wanted to properly introduce it to you and explain what’s the magic about it. So Biolux is a Swiss company that has been specialized since 2007 in LED-based phototherapy using photomodulation, a biotechnology innovation that will revolutionise skin and hair treatments. Basically there is 3 propositions in these home care devices: Age treatment ( AgeLight), Acne treatment (SpotLight) and hair loss treatment (Hair Light).

I tried first the AgeLight that was offering an Anti Dull skin treatment which you can do every morning to brighten the face skin in 2 min. Then the main treatment is Anti Aging which you can do once a week and reduces the first wrinkles. My feedback on this one is pretty good for the moment, I have done the anti dull skin and you can directly see a glow on your skin from the first times. For the anti aging I have stopped it as I started the Spotlight  treatment 1 month ago.

Let me tell you a bit more about this other treatment SpotLight, so to be completely honest I have never had spots being a teenager but since last year (due to change of hormonal treatment) I started get some on my chin. Since 6 months it became quite severe which made me completely mad! After trying many face purifying treatments and several visits to the dermatologist I was really feeling hopeless except for using a very strong method like Roacutan but I wouldn’t go there. That’s when Biolux team proposed me to try the SpotLight as well! The treatment last 3 months and then apparently the spots don’t come back… So I did it and I have been completely blown away as after already 2 weeks my skin got much better and now I have almost no spots already and I haven’t even finished the treatment. You also have a Regeneration option which helps the skin to remove the red marks caused by the spots.

Ok so quite a the long explanation but I wanted to be 100% transparent with you and to give you all the context!

When I was introduced to Biolux I have to say I thought it was too good to be true but now that I have tested 2 devices I must admit I am convinced! I will continue the Spot treatment and then start again the Anti aging one as it is better to treat it separately.

If you are interested in buying the device you can do it online biolux.ch, you can even benefit of -10%  from my special promo code ALLY10.

So here I was visiting my new favorite hotel in Geneva the Ritz Carlton Hotel de la Paix and took this opportunity to show you my beauty routine in the morning involving Biolux of course but also all my favorite face cream.

I will also put you all the brands and names of the product (in the right order) I use in the morning after my Biolux treatment.

  1. VICHY Mineral 89 which is a fortifying and plumping daily booster I first apply on my cleaned skin
  2. OSKIA Renaissance 360 Anti-ageing and brightening supreme cream
  3. LANCOME Hydra Zen BB nude Gel or THE ESTEE EDIT Beam team hydrate and glow which gives an highlighted tone under your tinted cream or foundation
  4. SUNDAY RILEY Good Genes I use it occasionally, it refines, clarifies and brightens, whilst improving your skin’s thickness and elasticity.

IMG_5024 IMG_5071  IMG_5279 IMG_5280 IMG_5281IMG_5091

I was wearing:

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