As you may have noticed following me on instastories I love trying new sports… I have done several classes of boxing, pilates, yoga, aquagym, jumping etc but I have to say that the PURE SPORTS CLUB  from the Silhouette Club Group is condensing all of these through the classes and also coaching on machines. During my time in London I also became addicted to the spinning classes from Psycle and of course here in Geneva  impossible to find a place like this until I discovered that PURE also propose a class called RPM with bikes. I haven’t tried it yet but I will tell you everything about it as soon as I have done it.

For this post I wanted to show you a bit of all the activities I like to do in the club when I am not going to a class. I love to train on the treadmill for 30 min for my Cardio and then use the TRX to exercise my chore (arms, abs & back). I can even practice my boxing training on the punching ball! In Geneva you can find 2 clubs, one is in the Champel area (which is one street away from my apartment!) and the other one is located in Plan Les Ouates where a lot of watches brands are based.

Since I have started to workout more regularly I love to buy new sports clothes and amongst others I am a bit fan of the brands that sells Fuego Activewear. Fuego has been founded in Switzerland as well and understood perfectly the lack of stylish active clothes on our market. I have a special crush on their leggings from brand Maaji which are the most confortable that I like to wear all day long!

So here are some of my routine exercices, Enjoy!


IMG_4618b IMG_4477 IMG_4328

IMG_4335 IMG_4334IMG_4362b

Black & white top VAARA available at FUEGO ACTIVEWEAR
Sport Bra MAAJI available at FUEGO ACTIVEWEAR
Leggings pants MAAJI available at FUEGO ACTIVEWEAR
Sneakers NIKE

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