I always wanted to shoot (and also to stroll) on the “quai de Seine” across all the books shops. It represents perfectly what I love about Paris and all the culture behind. My look is also perfectly Parisian from brand created by Jeanne Damas, Rouje.

I’m  clearly fond of white blouses and this one had a perfect line and cut. Lately I had difficulties to find shorter skirt, I guess it’s not in the latest trends anymore but however I like to wear them in the summer or even fall with boots so when I tried this one I thought it was a good piece quite different from all the one I own.

This is a very simple outfit but I feel like wearing more and more this kind of style for the warmer days. I will of course keep the colorful tie dye pieces as well! Speaking of that I don’t know if you noticed but usually when you see the fashion girls style it ‘s either very romantic, Parisian, simple pieces like this one ,or more edgy Swedish colorful, or surfer rainbow tie dye but rarely you will see them mixing these styles. For me I will wake up one morning feeling the colorful and surfer vibes and then the next one, wanting to wear flower dresses with grand mother bags and shoes! My style is eclectic and that’s what I love about fashion is the possibility to reinvent yourself everyday and not to be categorized in one only style.

I am wearing:
Sandals ZARA

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