European summer has hit us strong since a few weeks now and more than ever we all want the perfect body to stroll around beaches. In this idea I have been wanting to try several slimming technics. The one I tried at Sanae institute is quite innovative and I had never heard about it before.

This place in the heart of Geneva is specialised in slimming new generation technics, weight loss through nutrition and coaching. Of course they also offer the relaxation and more classic treatments as massage and aesthetics.

So coming back to my experience, I had the chance to try the Vital Dome technology. It’s an innovation from Japan that combines relaxation and weight loss with the help of infrared rays that are naturally absorbed by the skin. The Vital Dome is the perfect symbol of the synergies offered by Sanae.


After only one session I felt my skin more toned on the zone treated. It’s recommended to do 6 sessions approximately but if you wanna try it you will be adviced and taken in charge depending exactly of your body and the desired effect you want.

I really liked the place it’s very cozy and I also tried an face treatment done with another machine LPG. It’s great to replump the skin to have an instant glow!

More innovating treatments are also coming in September!

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