You may have understood it now I have a special love for Biarritz and when we decided to do a road trip to Portugal I was very excited to stop there and spend the weekend.

Besides I had discovered last summer this amazing hotel while trying their spa and it was a great experience to stay there this time! The location of the Regina Hotel is perfect with the view of the Lighthouse of Biarritz and 5 minutes walking distance from the center.

I was quite amazed with the building architecture from the outside but even more from the inside as you have a spectacular center room with the bar and all around the different floors surrounded by columns. Besides their spa is using Sothys products and I am a total fan of them!

Honestly for me this hotel is a great compromise where you feel like a princess without leaving your monthly salary 😉

What I liked as well about Biarritz is that it’s not only a seasonal place to go in summer but actually we had a lot of fun with great restaurants, nice bar and even nightclubs and above all super cool boutiques that are opens even now.

Here is my recommendations if you go there off seasons:



  • Le bar du Marché: all the locals from Biarritz go there, fun music and you can even dance!
  • L’Artnoa


  • Le Corner de Sophie: Cool selection of beauty products ( hair&skincare, perfumes), candles and also next door la Cabine de Sophie where you can have you manicure with Kure Bazaar nail polish and your hair done.
  • Les Enfants Terribles: concept store
  • BTZ shop with cool surfer vibes clothes and accessories
  • EQ concept store

Le Régina Biarritz Hôtel & spa*****

52, avenue de l’Impératrice
64200 BIARRITZ – France

+33 (5) 59 41 33 00

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